What’s special about Cobweb’s acoustic rendition of Eklo Jeevan?

Photo: Screengrab from music video of Eklo Jeevan
Photo: Screengrab from music video of Eklo Jeevan

Whenever rock band Cobweb release a new song, people anticipate it to be accompanied by power chords and effects like distortion and overdrive. However, on August 19, when they published the music video for Eklo Jeevan, things became different.

It amazed thousands of their fans. The band who have released 65 songs in eight albums within three decades have released an acoustic song for the first time, proving their versatility.    

Original Eklo Jeevan vs the new rendition

Photo: Screengrab from music video of Eklo Jeevan
Photo: Screengrab from music video of Eklo Jeevan

Eklo Jeevan is the band‘s new release after three years of releasing their latest number, Elevate, which is an English rock song. Similarly, this is also the first release of the band after forming their new line-up. The band recently introduced the guitarist Sujan Tandukar replacing Srijan Bikram Gewali.  

But, Eklo Jeevan, in fact, is a rendition of a song from the album Namaste originally released in 2010. The recently released acoustic version of the song is greatly different from the original one. The arrangement, vocals, and solos are entirely different.

Unlike the new version, the original song sounds heavy, featuring power chords and powerful guitar solos. The band have done a great job by bringing an unexpected acoustic version of one of the most underrated rock songs. 

The rendition has not just made the people happy, but it also provoked nostalgia in them.

“I used to listen to this song a lot, a few years back. Hearing the song again makes me feel nostalgic as I’m still able to mumble the lyrics even after so long a time,” reads a comment on YouTube. 

With this acoustic song, Cobweb did not merely amaze their stans but also proved their versatility, showing they are not only limited to rock songs but are also dexterous in writing, composing and performing an acoustic song.  

Soulful song with a realistic setting in the music video

Photo: Screengrab from music video of Eklo Jeevan
Photo: Screengrab from music video of Eklo Jeevan

Eklo Jeevan is a sentimental song in which the singer assumes his life has been deserted due to the absence of his loved ones. 

The lyrics written by Ravi Bajracharya and Divesh Mulmi (vocalist of Cobweb) say it all. The snippet of the lyrics goes: Eklo Jeevan Birano Lagchha / Sayad Timi Nabhaera Ho Ki / Samjhanda Timilai Othma Muskan / Aankhama Aansu / Hanso Ta Kebal / Akash ko Jun [Lonely life feels deserted / May be due to your absence / Remembering your smile in lips / Tears in eyes / Grin is only / Like stars of sky] 

Eklo Jeevan stands out with a very simple video in a time when there is high competition for making fancy and stylish videos, featuring drone shots and storytelling scripts. 

The music video, whose direction of photography is done by Anmol Rana Magar, is filmed in a very simple setting. The band have not put much effort into the making of the music video. It features all the band members who are preparing to record a song.

All the band members are seen jamming up, using mobile phones, playing indoor games and performing other general activities. The entire video looks candid and realistic. 

The song, composed by Bajracharya and Mulmi, flows smoothly. Its arrangement is based on guitars, hence the song overall is easy on the ears. Another good part of the song is the back vocals done by Mulmi. 

The three-minute song sounds additionally beautiful when Mulmi provides back vocals on Sanjay Aryal’s lead vocal, during the chorus. Similarly, Mulmi’s guitar solo in the middle of the song is the next thing that has been brilliantly done in the music. The solo is melodious and endearing.  

Eklo Jeevan makes you feel that Cobweb should keep coming up with such multi-genre songs because the Nepali music scene has very few good acoustic songs. Apparently, this legendary band can definitely increase the number of quality acoustic music.  

Since the song sounds light and soft, it easily creates a good mood wherever you are — in your car, kitchen or workplace.

Similarly, for the cover artist, this one can be the best thing to cover at a recent time. 

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