Clear skies forecasted during Dashain holidays

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Kathmandu, October 20

According to the Meteorological Forecasting Division under the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, the weather is expected to be generally clear during Dashain this year.

Meteorologist Rojan Lamichhane from the division stated that, aside from a few light showers in certain areas, most parts of the country are free from rain.

“The weather is good,” he said.

The division is set to issue a special bulletin for Dashain on Friday. Meteorologist Lamichhane said that the Dashain bulletin will be released shortly as experts are currently deliberating on the weather conditions.

Currently, Nepal is experiencing a partial effect of the westerly wind. As a result, there is a chance of light rain accompanied by thunder/lightning in a few locations in the hilly areas of the country.

Furthermore, there is a likelihood of light snowfall occurring in one or two places in the high hills and Himalayan regions of the country. During the night, there is a possibility of light rain with thunder/lightning in one or two places in the hilly areas of Koshi and Gandaki provinces.

Additionally, there is a forecast for light rain with thunder and lightning in the hilly areas of Koshi, Bagmati, and Gandaki provinces on Friday and Saturday.

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