The decision to import chemical fertiliser from China is in limbo

Representational file: Chemical fertiliser
Representational file: Chemical fertiliser

Kathmandu, February 7

The decision to import chemical fertiliser from China has been pushed in limbo as the government failed to implement it.

Krishi Samagri Company has blamed the Chinese government for its failure to import 113,000 metric tons of fertiliser.

Although it has been five months since the government finalised contracts for the import, the Chinese obstruction pushed it into limbo, according to the company.

The company’s Acting Managing Director Rajendra Karki says the government had decided to import 50,000-ton urea and 63,535-ton DAP.

“The companies have been assigned and the Chinese company also confirmed the supply, but it now says it cannot supply it now due to the government policy.”

Karki says the government has also launched diplomatic efforts, but they have not been successful.

Yet, there will not be any shortage of chemical fertiliser for the next plantation season, Karki claims.

Fertiliser shortage has been a recurring problem in Nepal.

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