Case filed against Ram Bahadur Bamjan as per Children’s Act

File: Police personnel outside the ashram of controversial ascetic Ram Bahadur Bamjan, in Sindhuli

Kathmandu, July 3

The Sarlahi District Government Attorney’s Office has filed a case against controversial ascetic Ram Bahadur Bamjan, once known as Little Buddha, on the charge of raping and making children disappear in the name of religion.

District Attorney Keshav Prasad Gautam says a jail sentence up to 14 years has been demanded as per the Act Relating to Children, 2018. Two others–Gyan Kumar Bamjan and JB Gurung–have also been accused of acting as accomplices. The government has demanded that they are sentenced up to seven years.

In the past few months, police had tried to arrest Ram Bahadur Bamjan at his ashram in Sindhuli, but in vain.

Published on July 3rd, Friday, 2020 2:35 PM

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  • Zsuzsanna Takacs (Mareechi) says: | July 19 2020 5:59am

    Will the Nepal Government and Nepal Police not protest against this “petition” of Bomjon and his criminal accomplices to the United Nations? Is the bribe money paid by Bomjon so sweet to some officials that they even betray the pride of all Nepalis and bring international shame to honest policemen by being called terrorists by Bomjon and his people at the united Nations in America? If Nepal Police and government was ever serious about nabbing and prosecuting Bomjon, than please read the twisting of truth by his followers and how they are showing Bomjon as the actual victim to the United Nations! Why no one cares about their lies and hypocrisy in Nepal?
    This shameful petition must be stopped!


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