Boldeferiche VDC of Kavre under high risk of landslides, 62 families in need of immediate help


Banepa, July 28

Boldefediche VDC of Kavre district was already vulnerable to natural disasters after last year’s quakes. That vulnerability has increased all the more now, with monsoon-induced landslides threatening to bury the village.

A year ago, a geological survey team had conducted a study and suggested that the government move 372 families living in seven vulnerable VDCs of Kavre district to safer locations. But Dhulikhel-based Kavre district administration office said it has expedited the process for the relocation of 62 households from Boldeferiche only.

Kavre chief district officer Bal Krishna Panthi said: The survey team recommended us to relocate 62 households from Boldeferiche as they were under threat. The team advised us to exercise caution in other places. In keeping with this recommendation, we are in the process of relocating 62 families from Boldeferiche in coordination with political parties.

Dholak Raj Dhakal, monitoring and administrative officer at Kavre district development committee, said Kavre district technical office and land conservation office have mobilised engineers for preparing a study report. He said the process of resettlement will begin after completion of the report.

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