Narayani river bird census: Decline in numbers and conservation challenges

migratory bird Pacific golden Plover in wetlands

Nawalparasi, January 17

In this year’s water bird census, 41 species were identified in the Narayani River area. Bird Census coordinator DB Chaudhary reported it at Chitwan National Park.

Last year’s census recorded 43 species, with eight not seen this year, while six new species were spotted. Declines in overall bird numbers were noted, especially among ducks, with a 50 per cent decrease.

Pollution, water drying, and habitat changes were cited as factors. Indigenous bird populations, including the rare Baikal Gairi bird, have also decreased, posing challenges for conservation efforts.

During this year’s census, the Baikal Gairi bird was observed for the first time in the Narayani river area, emphasising the ongoing decline in bird numbers.

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