Biratnagar airport submerges in floodwater

Biratnagar Airport
File: Biratnagar Airport

Biratnagar, October 20

The runway and parking area of the Biratnagar airport in Morang have submerged in floodwater on Wednesday morning following incessant rainfall.

Consequently, airline operators have cancelled all flights from and to the airport scheduled for the day.

The airport office chief Utsav Kharel says the flooded Kesaliya stream entered the airport premises this morning. The flood is ever increasing and the floodwater is likely to enter office buildings also.

Buddha Air, the leading airline company in the country, says all the flights between Kathmandu and Biratnagar have been cancelled. Yeti Air also says it has cancelled the flights.

Meanwhile, the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology says there are high chances of heavy rainfall in eastern Nepal on Wednesday.

On Tuesday also, over 100 domestic flights had been cancelled owing to unfavourable weather conditions.

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