Supreme Court clears the decks for Bindabasini Kansakar to replace Dhaka Kumar Shrestha

File: Bindabasini Kansakar
File: Bindabasini Kansakar

Kathmandu, May 25

The Supreme Court has denied continuing a previous interim order that stopped the Federal Parliament Secretariat to induct Bindabasini Kansakar as a House of Representatives member, replacing Dhaka Kumar Shrestha.

A division bench of justices Kumar Regmi and Nahakul Subedi on Wednesday denied the continuity of the order handed down by Justice Til Prasad Shrestha on May 8.

It means Kansakar, who has already received an election certificate from the Election Commission, can take the oath of office and begin attending parliamentary meetings now.

The May 8 order had told Rastriya Swatantra Party not to remove its lawmaker Dhaka Kumar Shrestha from the party as well as the House of Representatives.

Last month, the party announced it removed lawmaker Shrestha from the party and wrote to the parliament about the action taken against him. The party also nominated Bindabasini Kansakar as its new lawmaker in Shrestha’s place.

Shrestha was drawn into controversy after an audiotape in which he reportedly asked Rs 20 million from controversial businessperson Durga Prasai claiming he would be soon appointed the health minister leaked.

Whereas Shrestha at first denied that it was his audio, he later said the audio was leaked. Organising a press conference this afternoon, Shrestha said the act of leaking the audiotape from January was a conspiracy against the party. He had said he would file a case against the decision at the court and come back with a clean chit.

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