Bikers Cafe: Where motorbike enthusiasts unite for more than coffee

Bikers Cafe

As you wander around Narayanchaur, Naxal, you will stumble upon the recently opened Bikers Cafe, distinguishing itself from other typical cafes.

At the entrance, an antique Harley Davidson captures attention, giving the impression of gearing up for a journey. This iconic motorcycle immediately draws visitors as they step into Bikers Cafe.

In this recently opened spot, patrons can enjoy a cup of Himalayan Java coffee while immersing themselves in the vibrant world of motorcycles.

For many, motorbikes represent both a dream and a passion. This cafe is particularly fascinating for those with a deep love for motorbikes. The Bikers Cafe has been created to attract and bring together bike enthusiasts. The establishment seeks to provide a space for bike lovers from various locations to come together and exchange their ideas and experiences about motorcycles.

At first glance, Bikers Cafe appears to seamlessly combine the atmosphere of a motorbike showroom with that of a cafe.

One side of Bikers Cafe has a small section where one can buy riding gear from Nepali clothing company Kavach. Opposite that is a collection of photographs capturing Nepali bike enthusiasts, including images of Saurabh Jyoti and the female riders’ group, Dui Pangre Queens.

Additionally, Bikers Cafe showcases images of adventure motorbike riders who have explored various regions of Nepal. To strengthen the connection with bike enthusiasts, the cafe’s decoration features adorned helmets and bike engines as part of its decor.

Revving connections

Operated by the Golchha Group, Bikers Cafe is the brainchild of Abhimanyu Golchha, the Director of Golchha Group who hopes to bring motorbike lovers together under one umbrella.

“This is a place for all things motorbikes and an effort of the Golchha Group to connect with those who buy the motorbikes that we bring to Nepal,” he said.

Golchha said the cafe also serves as a retail outlet for bikes, offering models with engine capacities exceeding 200cc.

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