Popular themed restaurants in Kathmandu that you can visit and enjoy

Whether it is the allure of stepping into a new world or reliving the nostalgia, there are many popular themed restaurants that you should visit.

Eating out, hanging out with friends and visiting restaurants are more than just about food nowadays. It has become a way for people to experience an immersive journey through culture, ambience, and culinary artistry.

From meticulously crafted decor to menus that echo cultural authenticity, popular themed restaurants in the city have created a tapestry of flavours and aesthetics. Whether it is the allure of stepping into a new world or reliving the nostalgia, there are many popular themed restaurants that you should visit.

Here are some of them:

The Comic Cafe

Popular themed restaurants
The Comic Cafe. Photo Courtesy: The Comic Cafe/ Facebook

In the heart of Kathmandu, at a prime location of Basantapur Durbar Square, The Comic Cafe stands as Nepal’s pioneering 2D-themed comic store and cafe. Those who visit the cafe can get an immersive experience straight out of a comic book with its whimsical décor and tables, almost resembling pages from your favourite monochromatic mangas. 

People love taking pictures here, for they can visualise themselves as a part of the comic book. It is one of the most popular themed restaurants in Kathmandu given that its popularity among anime enthusiasts is unparalleled, drawing crowds for lively cosplay events. And a hotspot for those who relish a blend of food, art, and pop culture.

Sasa Twa

Sasa Twa. Photo Courtesy: Sasa Twa/ Facebook
Sasa Twa. Photo Courtesy: Sasa Twa/ Facebook

Nestled in Kirtipur, southwest of Kathmandu, Sasa Twa gives its customers the vibrant experience of being a part of the Newa culture, with every corner resonating with the rich heritage and aesthetics. With architecture, decor, and delectable cuisine straight out of the culture of the Newa community, it also serves as a perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts, our visually captivating setting offers a myriad of photo opportunities. 

It caters to all ages but is a hotspot for youngsters seeking a blend of tradition and modernity. One can enjoy live music sessions while kids revel in our dedicated play area. As one of the popular themed restaurants celebrating Newa culture, especially after its expansion and renovation in Kirtipur, it harmonises the local culinary delights with modern trends, making every visit memorable for the diverse crowd.

Bikers cafe

Bikers Cafe

In Narayanchaur, Naxal, Bikers Cafe immerses its patrons in the exhilarating atmosphere of a motorbike showroom. Operated by the esteemed Golchha Group and conceptualised by Abhimanyu Golchha, the cafe is a vibrant hub for bike enthusiasts. Here, the surroundings echo the dynamic world of motorcycles, creating a unique meet-up space for those who share a passion for the open road. 

Bikers Cafe, one of the top themed restaurants in Kathmandu, stands as a testament to the fusion of love for bikes and the camaraderie that binds riders together, making it a distinctive destination for both coffee connoisseurs and motorbike aficionados alike.

Genesis Cafe

popular themed restaurants Genesis Cafe. Photo Courtesy: Genesis Cafe/ Facebook
Genesis Cafe. Photo Courtesy: Genesis Cafe/ Facebook

But even before Bikers Cafe, there was Genesis Cafe which stands as the first-of-its-kind bike-themed restaurant in Kathmandu. Located in Panipokhari, it was opened on August 6, 2016. Shortly after its opening, it became one of the most popular themed restaurants in the city. People were in awe of the interiors with hanging motorbikes, bikes on display, and the feel of the race tracks, all accentuated by the welcoming ambience. 

The restaurant is adorned with photographs capturing legendary moments in biking history, creating an immersive atmosphere for enthusiasts. Beyond the thematic decor, Genesis takes pride in its culinary offerings, emphasising rich flavours and quality.

Central Perk Boudha

popular themed restaurants Central Perk Bouddha. Photo Courtesy: Central Perk Bouddha/ Google Maps
Central Perk Bouddha. Photo Courtesy: Central Perk Bouddha/ Google Maps

From creating new experiences to a trip down nostalgia, Central Perk Boudha is a delightful addition to Boudha’s cafe scene and a haven for F.R.I.E.N.D.S enthusiasts. Recently opened by Jason Lopchan just a couple of months ago, the cafe successfully captures the iconic ambience of Central Perk from the beloved TV show, making it one of the most promising and soon-to-be popular themed restaurants.

The walls are adorned with collages and nods to the show’s characters and themes, while pictures of the iconic characters and catchphrases decorate the space, effortlessly transporting the FRIENDS’ fans into the world of the show. The carefully curated decor and ambience at Central Perk Boudha welcome fans and newcomers alike.

Beyond Grandline 

popular themed restaurants Beyond Grandline Photo Courtesy: Beyond Grandline / Facebook
Beyond Grandline Photo Courtesy: Beyond Grandline / Facebook

Not far away from Central Perk Boudhha is Beyond Grandline. Also located in the heart of Boudha, behind the stupa area, this popular themed restaurant is a haven for anime enthusiasts, particularly fans of One Piece. 

Having opened its doors in 2021, this anime-themed restaurant immerses patrons in the vibrant world of One Piece and the Straw Hat crew. The walls are adorned with collages, murals, sketches and manga chapters, all capturing the essence of the beloved series. Also as a nod to the show’s characters and themes, the decorative settings and elements scattered across the space transport visitors into the adventurous anime universe. 

Idol Cafe

In Boudhha, there are also other popular themed restaurants including Idol Cafe. This one is a dedicated haven for K-pop enthusiasts, particularly fans of the iconic band BTS, offering fans a unique and immersive experience that celebrates the music, style, and charisma of the global phenomena.

The cafe caters to the BTS fans (army), so the interiors and decorations all incorporate logos in a vibrant purple-coloured ambience. Inside are the framed photos of BTS members, creating a visually stunning tribute to the beloved K-pop idols. Throughout the space, portraits of the band adorn the walls along with cutouts of the idols offering fans the perfect opportunity to take selfies with their biases (favourites).


popular themed restaurants Aema-K. Photo Courtesy: Aema-K/ Facebook
Aema-K. Photo Courtesy: Aema-K/ Facebook

Apart from pop culture, Boudhha also offers another popular themed restaurant i.e. Aema-K. This is a slice of Greece nestled in the heart of the Phulbari area. Since its inauguration in April 2021, this cafe has been widely popular among visitors for it has transported them to the European ambience reminiscent of Santorini Island. This rooftop restaurant even offers him a breathtaking view of the Bouddha Stupa, making it an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the surroundings. 

The moment you step in, the cosy Greecian vibe envelops you with its white walls, stoned floors, and an elegant touch of blue-tinted furniture and interiors. The highlight? Live music on weekends and an open kitchen that seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing guests to witness culinary artistry while soaking in the ambience. The menu offers a variety of continental and local cuisine than traditional Greek delicacies, with a fusion of local ingredients and flavours. 

Makai Ghar 

The outside appearance of Makaighar

Makai Ghar located near the riverside in Sankhamul boasts a unique and charming setting adorned with corn or maize, and corncobs, creating a picturesque atmosphere. The ambience mirrors a cosy village house, providing a warm and inviting backdrop for visitors. 

Established by someone with experience from Qatar, Makai Ghar opened its doors in 2020 and quickly became renowned for its diverse menu featuring at least 60 mouthwatering corn-based dishes. The innovative use of corn in various culinary creations adds a distinctive touch to this culinary haven, one of the popular themed restaurants incorporating tradition and creativity in a tranquil riverside setting.

Kyubi’s Kitchen 

most popular themed restaurants kyubi's kitchen
Kyubi’s Kitchen. Photo Courtesy: Kyubi’s Kitchen/ Facebook

For anime lovers, there is more than one option. Kyubi’s Kitchen is a haven for anime enthusiasts and food lovers located on Jhamsikhel Road in Lalitpur. As the pioneer of anime-themed dining experiences, this Asian Fusion Restaurant brings the world of Naruto to life through its captivating decorations and interiors paying homage to Naruto and its beloved characters. 

Since 2019, this popular themed restaurant has been visited and loved by anime aficionados, Naruto fans, and fellow otaku lovers. Anyone can indulge in a diverse menu featuring Japanese and Korean cuisine, which again are nods to the anime Naruto and its characters. It even offers exotic tastes such as crabs, fish, octopus, and prawn which can be enjoyed with a rooftop view of the Jhamsikhel area.

Masala Beads Cafe

popular themed restaurants Masala Beads Cafe. Photo Courtesy: Patrick Tunkl/ Google Maps
Masala Beads Cafe. Photo Courtesy: Patrick Tunkl/ Google Maps

In Jyatha (Thamel), stepping into this cafe takes you into the vibrant world of K-drama and Japanese anime. Launched last year on December 3, 2022, this cafe is a haven for the Gen Z crowd and has quickly become one of the most popular themed restaurants in Kathmandu. 

Inspired by the enchanting creations of Studio Ghibli, the renowned Tokyo-based Japanese animation studio, Masala Beads Cafe exudes an aura of whimsy and wonder. It has ample space with a cosy expansive setting. The menu is a delightful journey through Asian flavours, offering a range of tasty snacks, fulfilling main courses, and delectable desserts. Indulge in the diverse beverage selection, featuring bubble tea, refreshing fruit bowls, and more, adding a touch of culinary adventure to your experience

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