Bharatpur also removing illegally built structures

Bharatpur metropolitan city office in Chitwan
Bharatpur metropolitan city office in Chitwan

Chitwan, November 30

Following similar moves in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Pokhara, the Bharatpur metropolitan city in Chitwan is going to demolish illegally built structures in its jurisdiction.

The metropolis on Tuesday issued a notice to the owners of those structures to remove those structures within 35 days.

The metropolis warned that it would take the matter into its hand if the owners of illegally built structures do not demolish such structures themselves. Any expenses incurred during the removal of such structures shall be borne by the property owners, the city government informed.

The buildings constructed without obtaining permission, huts, structures encroaching the public land and makeshift tents among others be removed.

Basement parking used for other commercial activities should be removed as well, according to the city.

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