Arun Chaudhary bailed over Bansbari leather and shoe factory land case

Arun Chaudhary
Arun Chaudhary

Kathmandu, February 7

Three people including Arun Kumar Chaudhary, who were arrested on charges of embezzlement of land associated with the Bansbari Leather and Shoes Factory, have been released on bail.

The CG Residency is reported to have transferred approximately 1.26 acres of land that was originally part of the Bansbari leather shoe factory. Ajit Narayan Singh Thapa and Sanjay Thakur are the other two in custody who got bailed.

District Court, Kathmandu Judge Yagya Prasad Acharya’s bench said that the situation in the case does not demand investigation keeping them in custody for 25 days. The court ordered that if the police needed to investigate the case, the police could keep them for two days and complete the investigation.

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