Airlines object to mayors’ advice for lockdown in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, November 13

Airline company operators have objected to the advice of Valley Mayor Forum for another round of lockdown in the Kathmandu valley to contain the coronavirus transmission here.

The Airline Operators Association of Nepal says the country cannot afford the lockdown again as four months of the previous lockdown from March to July and various levels of restrictions after that also incurred a loss worth billions of rupees.

Citing the government has already decided to resume all tourism activities across the country, the association states imposing the lockdown again will not be practical.

The association’s spokesperson Yog Raj Kandel says the aviation, tourism, hospitality, and transport industries would come to a standstill again if the government imposed lockdown in Kathmandu.

Instead of the lockdown, the concerned authorities should focus on the use of masks and maintaining physical distance to combat the pandemic, the association suggests, adding those failing to meet the standard health protocol should be punished.

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