Govt begins administering ‘additional’ Covid-19 vaccine doses to priority groups

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Representational image: Covid vaccines

Kathmandu, January 4

The government on Tuesday has begun administering ‘additional’ Covid-19 vaccine doses to defined priority groups.

Strategically, the government has not named the doses ‘booster’ as it would be the additional doses to everyone.

In the first stage, the government is providing additional doses to people above the age of 60 who had received Vero Cells vaccines in the past, people with chronic diseases and those with compromised immunity.

Active cancer patients, people with transplanted organs, HIV-positives, and people compromising immunity for treatment will get the additional doses.

To receive the vaccine, they have to go to the stipulated vaccine booths with their Covid-19 vaccination cards and evidence to prove their status in the priority groups.

The government began the campaign considering the growing threats of the Omicron variant spread.

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