4,000 security personnel infected with coronavirus

Kathmandu, September 9

Around 4,000 security personnel and officers have been infected with the novel coronavirus in Nepal so far.

Nepal Police says 2,317 police staffers have contracted Covid-19. Likewise, 886 Nepal Army staffers and 743 Armed Police Force workers have been infected.

The high number of infected cases in Nepal Police has severely affected service delivery. In Kathmandu alone, around 800 police staffers have been inflected including two deputy inspectors general. Despite the infection, senior officials are working from the isolation also, according to Nepal Police sources.

However, infection in the personnel who would be deployed in the field has posed challenges to the organisation. For example, the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has already started mobilising dummies clad in traffic police uniforms on various crossroads of Kathmandu after dozens of cops got infected.

Likewise, police are reluctant to arrest suspects of various crimes and interrogate them fearing the infection, it has been learned.

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