Kathmandu city mulls over building 3-storey parking facility at Khulamanch

Khulamanch in central Kathmandu. Photo: Aryan Dhimal
Khulamanch in central Kathmandu. Photo: Aryan Dhimal

Kathmandu, November 14

The Kathmandu metropolitan city says it has begun preparations to build a three-storey parking facility at Khulamanch, an open space in central Kathmandu.

Sunil Lamsal, an infrastructure advisor to Mayor Balen Shah, says the city government hopes the new facility will help the capital city address unmanaged parking.

The city has mentioned this project in its annual budget plan for the current fiscal year, hence the construction will begin within months, Lamsal assures, adding the facility will operate in a public-private partnership model.

“Around 5,000 vehicles can be accommodated in the basement itself,” Lamsal says.

Meanwhile, the local government will also make a pond there to collect rainwater for groundwater recharge, according to him.

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