11-month-old child’s successful liver transplant at TU Teaching Hospital

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Kathmandu, March 14

The Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital has successfully conducted a liver transplant operation on an 11-month-old child, making it the first paediatric liver transplant case in the country.

A team led by Dr Ramesh Singh Bhandari transplanted the liver of the patient’s 35-year-old father into the boy in an eight-hour survery, Dr Bhandari informs. Indian Fortis Hospital’s Dr Vivek Vij and and his team had also extended support.

This is the fifth liver transplant case in the hospital.

The hospital provides liver and kidney transplant services, but both were halted from the last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is the first transplantation that has been conducted in the hospital after the pandemic.

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