Diwakar Pyakurel is a Kathmandu-based bilingual journalist. He writes features on society and culture, art and literature, and entrepreneurship, among others.

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Chauka Dau movie review: Cheap comic pastime

Santosh Pant is back on the screen; perhaps this is the most exciting news associated with the release of Chauka Dau. Besides this, there’s nothing new in the movie. Its usefulness is restricted to just adding one more production to the already overcrowded new film list. ‘Cheap’ comedy Though the movie is filled with fun, […]

Jay Shree Daam movie review: Impressive acting fails to cover plot full of holes

Regular moviegoers, except those who have been minutely keeping an eye on minor characters, would not recognise the lead actors of this week’s release, Jay Shree Daam. Yet, their acting will not disappoint you. It is the overdramatic plot, with its unnecessarily twists, that makes the movie look like an impoverished labyrinth. Hence, you come […]

NAC wide-body controversy: 10 reasons the deal did not seem right to lawmakers

Kathmandu, January 3 A subcommittee under the Public Accounts Committee of House of Representatives formed to investigate into alleged irregularities in the purchase of two wide-body aircraft for Nepal Airlines Corporation on Tuesday submitted its report to the committee, concluding that the state lost Rs 4.35 billion in the deal. The report indicts Civil Aviation […]

Nepali researcher leads promising discoveries in global battle against cancer

When a 54-year-old man got admitted to the National Cancer Centre Hospital in Kashiwa of Japan and got diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer a few years ago, the doctors thought it would be another miserable death within next few months. They had not known any pancreatic cancer patient living more than six months of diagnosis. Hopeless, the […]

Prasad movie review: Realistic love story blended with polished cinema art

This week’s release Prasad will answer you why the screenplay and its presentation are equally important in a commercial film. The powerful story is filled with visual and auditory symbols picked from daily life of the people in society.  Its cinematic performance well suits the depth and richness of the story. Polished acting of lead […]

Kavach: Nepali brand on mission to blend safety with riding culture

Arabinda Subedi was excited about bikes since his early youth, but the fear of accidents would always haunt him. Though he never had any serious accidents while riding, he knew many friends and colleagues who sustained injuries in severe accidents. “Further, post-accident hassles would be equally painful. It would take months of bed rest, without […]

Dream Girl movie review: Moral preaching, women’s objectification overrun love story

This week’s release, Dream Girl, has a complicated love story, which could have been more interesting if the development of events were probable and necessary. For the want of natural flow in the plot, the movie seems to be forcefully stretched, yet some dramatic revelations do not let the audience deviate. In a bid to […]

Threat Con: Nepal’s first hackers’ convention aims at improving the country’s cybersecurity status

When Abiral Shrestha and Suyash Nepal, members of a private research team, carried out an investigation into the status of data security on Nepali websites last year, they were taken by surprise. “We were aware that Nepali websites were not safe, but the number was really alarming: 700 plus websites were found attacked by hackers,” […]

Plastic bag ban in Nepal: How the ‘best decision in history’ lost its teeth

Pradip Khatiwada, 27, lives in Bauddha, Kathmandu. When he needs to buy sugar, he takes a plastic container along. Before the grocer opens the sugar sack, he hands the container over to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper then puts the sugar in the container. “When there are other customers waiting in line, they laugh at me,” […]

Changa Chet movie review: Interesting story in clichéd style equals ‘masala film’

This week’s release Changa Chet has potential to attract at least one big segment of the Nepali audience—this production has almost everything it seeks in a movie, such as money crime love and lust. Yet, for another class of moviegoers, the most significant thing they will remember is that its producer is standing trial for […]

Opposite Dreams: Six young artists revive local histories

‘Danpheko Katha’, a story of a mountain man and the Himalayan monal around him, was one of Subas Tamang’s most favourite stories during his school days.  But as soon as he grew up and learned to think critically, the chapter he found in his brother’s textbook frustrated him as he saw the political agenda of rulers […]

It’s not only flames they fight, Kathmandu firefighters strive for work safety

The two weeks between Nepal’s two biggest festivals—Dashain and Tihar—is a relaxing period for many. But, these two weeks make Parashu Ram Shahi, 53, and his three dozen colleagues, anxious. As Kathmanduites prepare for the Festival of Lights, Shahi is busy preparing for the worse. A firefighter for past 17 years, Shahi says Kathmandu Valley […]

DroNepal: Young engineers’ quest to use UAVs for development

After the magnitude 7.6 earthquake rattled Nepal on April 25, 2015, security personnel and locals spent weeks in rescuing the injured. The rescue work could not gather pace because they did not have a birdseye view of far-flung areas. Engineer Darpan Pudasaini, who was developing robots to meet various practical needs, was aware that drones could […]

Jai Bhole movie review: Lamichhane fails to maintain his ‘creative’ image

Theatre artist Khagendra Lamichhane rose to fame with the 2016 blockbuster Pashupati Prasad. Now, two years after his most successful feat, he is back to square one as both his storytelling and acting in the recently released Jai Bhole lack the vigour and focus his fans expect from him. Senior artist Ashok Sharma’s attempt to […]

Chhakka Panja 3 movie review: Entertainment first, social issues later

Comedies sell in Nepal. This is evident from the significant presence of comic actors even in ‘serious’ movies. When comedians themselves make a movie, it is a different ball game. The latest release, Chhakka Panja 3, has a potential to attract a diverse group of spectators. Established comedians Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula have […]

Memory, Truth and Justice: Reminder of Nepal’s decade-long conflict and its unhealed wounds

Fourteen days after the then rebel party, CPN-Maoist, launched its armed struggle, two students in Pandrung of Gorkha district sustained critical injuries as security personnel opened fire at their school suspecting that the principal was assisting the ‘terrorists’. Of the two boys, Dil Bahadur Ramtel died on the same day, February 26, 1996, for want […]

Coffee2GoNepal: Nepal’s pioneer mobile coffee shop aims at serving coffee for everyone

After working as a barista for leading coffee shops in Kathmandu, Kishan Gurung went to Lhasa to experiment with the Tibetan coffee market. Impressed with his coffee making skills, top coffee shops of the Tibetan capital offered him a job with lucrative pay. But, Gurung did not accept the offer and came back to Nepal—because […]

Eclipse Labs: This novel business allows you to convert sounds into artworks

Many mothers say that the moment their child made their first sound was a moment of profound happiness. Of late, some mothers are seen posting videos of their children crying after few hours of their birth. But, if you want to preserve the sound it for the long run, isn’t the plain cry boring, to […]

Katha Kathmandu movie review: This controversial flick is not about sex

The first thing that you need to be clear about this week’s Kollywood release Katha Kathmandu is that it is not about sex, not at all. The producers have not intended to sell sex in the movie, though it might be the case in the trailer. It is also not an artistic effort against increasing […]

Green Spaces: Frustrated nature lovers’ effort to revive greenery in Kathmandu

When Kathmandu hosted the fourth BIMSTEC Summit last month, empty spaces of the city turned into gardens. But the places got their original form back after a week. This, however, is not a concern for normal Kathmanduites. But, for artist Milan Rai, the withering of plants after the conclusion of such events is a matter […]

Yuwanilakantha: This is how local governments can mobilise youth for development

For the past one week, Binod Pathak, Sumiktra Shrestha and Ashok Thapa of Budhanilakatha Municipality in Kathmandu have been scouring their neighbourhood every afternoon in search of used tyres. The environmental science, social sciences and business studies student team has a plan to reuse the tyres to plant trees. The trio launched the initiative and learned about […]

Ramkahani movie review: Unskilled handling of magic realism results in misery

Producers of the new release Ramkahani have a unique selling proposition—their flick belongs to the rarely explored ‘horror’ genre. USPs may help companies popularise their products and beat their competitors, but they can never guarantee success. So happens with the movie. At the start, the movie is quite appealing as it presents the serious problem […]

The Mint Studio: Effort to integrate social work and business with ‘Made in Nepal’ tag

In Nepal, INGOs and NGOs are ‘notorious’ for their ‘projects’ that they launch for a period of time. They carry out the projects ‘effectively’ till the deadline, but after they are done, what is left is the dependency of people. But, that was not the case with Helvetas, a Swiss development organisation, when it ran […]

Meri Mamu movie review: Unimaginable coincidences constitute powerful tragedy

The trailer of Meri Mamu is a combination of unconnected shots with some violence and this may deter you from watching it. However, the movie is a strong presentation of an intriguing plot; and stands a bit higher than the average production in terms of its story as well as cinematic art. The film is […]

This youth group is teaching school kids ‘rocket science’, but it’s not gimmick

On a lazy summer afternoon, students of Balkumari Primary School in Bhaisepati, Lalitpur, are waiting for the 4 pm bell so that they can rush home and relax. Since 10 am, the kids have already seen eight boring faces come to their class, read lines from their textbook. All this is tiring. Among those waiting […]

Paragonimiasis: Crab eaters in Nepal at risk of contracting this life-threatening disease

Ask locals of many Nepali villages what they do as primary treatment for jaundice, hundreds of them are likely to say, “Mince raw crab or crayfish and eat it uncooked.” The homemade medicine is, in fact, effective in healing the ailment quickly- if we are to believe what a man from Gulmi told doctors at […]

Nai Nabhannu La 5 movie review: A beautiful love story kills its own crux

You need not say ‘Nai’ (No) if someone requests you to go watch the latest Kollywood release, Nai Nabhannu La 5. But make sure that the person asking is not your childhood sweetheart. The movie is interesting, but it further mystifies an already complex idea of love, including its benefits and costs. Despite having strengths […]

One laptop per child: How an NGO adopted govt brainchild to educate rural kids

The coalition government formed after the 2006 Janaandolan, in its annual budget statement, announced the launch of ‘one laptop per child’ (OLPC) programme in a bid to promote the use of information and communication technology in government schools. The decision was made to emulate the success of similar programmes in other underdeveloped countries around the […]

SmartPhones4Water: Why citizen involvement in rainfall measurement is a good idea

When residents of Radheradhe and Sallaghari area of Bhaktapur district woke up in the morning of July 12, floodwater had entered their houses from the nearby Hanumante River. Perhaps some youngsters in the area saw such a situation for the first time in their life; hence they wondered what was wrong with the rainfall. They also […]

What is Nepal doing to avert possible human resource crisis in aviation sector?

Few days after various Nepali media reported that Nepal welcomed five new aircraft within one month and that the government was preparing to ease the licence acquisition process for airline companies to carry out international flights, an official at the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal asked a crowd of around 400 high school graduates in […]

Human fascioliasis: An emerging life-threatening disease is testing Nepal’s doctors

In August 2015, a 45-year-old woman from Surkhet of Karnali province approached the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital with ‘unusual’ complaints. The patient was tired after visiting hospitals in Nepal and India for the past few months–none could diagnose her condition. Most doctors she visited had told her that she had cirrhosis (scarring of the liver), […]

FIFA World Cup: Russia hopes to build on football craze in Nepal to boost bilateral ties

For past three weeks, the world’s eyes are on Russia as the largest country in the world by area hosts the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup. Russia holds a powerful position in global politics and this World Cup, without doubt, has given it an opportunity to add a new feather in its cap— […]

Nepal flood alert: Better technology is saving lives in flood-prone areas

During the 1993 monsoon, floods and landslides triggered by a cloudburst in central Nepal—around the Bagmati, Kamala and East Rapti river basins—killed 1,336 persons, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs. This was the second biggest natural disaster in the country in the past 25 years. In 2017, most parts of the country witnessed incessant […]

Pasa Puchah Guthi: This organisation is leading young Nepalis in UK towards their roots

Sanyukta Shrestha, in his teens, thought that Nepali and Sanskrit were more important languages than his own community’s Nepal Bhasha, commonly called Newari. Though born in a Newar family in Naxal in Kathmandu, Shrestha thought he would not need Newari for his life—because Nepali and English would be enough. Instead, he developed his interest in […]

This is how Nepal eliminated trachoma as a public health problem

When the World Health Organization last month announced that Nepal has become the first country in the South-East Asia region to eliminate trachoma ‘as a public health problem’, many Nepalis, especially those living in central and eastern hills and urban areas, were taken by surprise—apparently because they had never heard about the ailment before. On the […]

Israeli envoy to Nepal: Connections between highest and lowest points of earth are special

Israel has been in a difficult position in the global political arena owing to its conflict with Palestine. Perhaps that is why the country’s presence is not much visible in developing countries like Nepal. This past week Nepal and Israel commemorated 58 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties. On this occasion, Onlinekhabar talked to […]

Dochaa: An experiment to connect commodities with culture and communities

Our feet and our shoes have a distinct position in our culture. Your feet are not to come in contact with things you have to respect. Perhaps that is why people do not think of shoes as an important part of our intangible heritage, and manifesting something important on shoes is a taboo. But, three youngsters […]

Meet this ordinary woman to learn what matters more than money and job in life

Until a few years ago, news about middle-aged men and women taking school completion examinations would grab headlines in the media. People, however, would not talk about the ‘inspirational figures’ after the exams were over as most of the men and women halted their academic journey after the exam; it did not matter if they […]

This is how digital mapping is pushing Nepal towards development and democracy

Despite being a student of geomatics, Pratichhya Sharma from Pokhara never thought how modern computer and mobile technologies embedded ideas of her science so that it could be available to everyone. She, of course, would use maps available on various websites whenever she would visit different places, but apparently had taken them for granted. It […]

‘First ascent of Everest is Tenzing Norgay’s imperishable gift to Nepal’

Tashi Wangchuk Tenzing Sherpa was an eighth-grader when he began accompanying his sexagenarian grandfather (mother Pem Pem’s father) as he trekked to the Everest Base Camp along with many foreign climbers.  He was just a ‘baaje’ (granddad) for Tashi; but this carefree teen used to wonder why other people in the trekking group would give […]

This couple cut down on wedding expenses to support Nepal’s education reform drive

People thinking of getting hitched this year must be busy planning how they will save up money to complete the wedding rituals—for Nepali weddings are generally expensive. A typical Nepali wedding has two key dimensions: cultural rituals and social gatherings. Both involve excessive costs–not only for the bride and the groom, but for both the […]

Jacaranda mimosifolia: This ‘beautiful yet invasive’ plant is in love with Kathmandu for 150 years

As the spring season reaches its peak in Kathmandu, major roads in the city turn purple. Beautiful flowers from big plants blanket tarred roads and busy sidewalks—just to get crushed by speeding tyres and hastening feet after a while. But, if you catch the scene before the blooms are trodden by the vehicles and people, […]

Offering Happiness: Nepal’s first surprise planning company plays with people’s love for amusement

What would your response be if you see your picture with a message from your near and dear one(s) on the screen when you go watch a movie in Kathmandu? “Don’t joke with me, kid! It’s never possible,” huh? But, wait, it has already been made possible—in Kathmandu! How? Let’s begin with a story. A […]

Nepal earthquake anniversary: Mobile masons help locals for speedy reconstruction

Nepal marked the third anniversary of magnitude-7.6 Gorkha earthquake this week, but there are complaints galore about insufficient funding and resources to drive the reconstruction campaign forward. One of the problems the survivors frequently raise is the unavailability of skilled human resources to work in the field ensuring that every new construction is earthquake resistant. […]

Nepal Earthquake: Why retrofitting can be a better option for reconstruction

Though the government realised it quite late, retrofitting has been an effective and economical technology to build back better for people whose houses were partially damaged in the 2015 Nepal earthquake. It was in 2012/13 that Min Prasad Nepal (now 67) and his wife Saraswati (now 56) built their new house on a hill at […]

Eco Cell: When tragedy triggers innovative social entrepreneurship

Imagine yourself as a graduate student at a business school. You are in your early 20s, and you are full of vigour and enthusiasm. You talk about many dreams and aspirations with your classmates: being the manager of a leading commercial bank, turning your family business into a modern industry, doing business with social responsibility…. […]

Letter from the Netherlands: Three decades on, Dutch couple lives with Nepal in their hearts

Which country are you from?—perhaps it is the most repeated question for any foreigner, anywhere. That’s why I was not interested to answer her in the beginning. But, I could not just ignore a humble native who approached “a group of lost travellers” as she called us. Each of us answered naming our motherlands. “Nepal…I […]

Letter from the Netherlands: Beyond Mount Everest, what does Nepal have that Europe doesn’t?

“… But the European sun is not as warm as the Asian one,” it was my lame attempt to crack a joke about the chilling cold we were experiencing in Rotterdam this Sunday noon. Having experienced sub-zero temperatures in Dusseldorf, Germany throughout the day, I had gone to bed on Saturday night wishing for a […]

[BLOG] Letter from the Netherlands: Here’s why Kathmandu needs to go ‘European’

Whenever my mom visits ‘rich’ relatives, she praises how they have decorated their houses as soon as she is back to home. Today, living away from her and the home for just three weeks, I realise that this feeling is universal. Whenever ‘outsiders’ see anything similar to or/and different from what they have in their […]

A filmphobic’s confession: Why travelling is the best to challenge your inhibitions

Well, I had never thought I would write about movies someday. All three ‘woods’ of Kathmandu market are not my concern. My city’s most popular, though not native, Bollywood: nay! A couple of reasons to keep it straight: First, I think films are not my cup of tea; second, believe it or not, despite having […]

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