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Her Story: Young filmmakers’ bid to voice concerns of Nepali women

Kaamala Neupane is an Economics student and works for a private company in Kathmandu. Until last year, movies had never been an attraction for her. She used to think that camera was a complex machine and a simple woman like her could never take good shots. Just before Dashain last year, she trekked to Bhairavkunda […]

Tiny treasures: An artist portrays Kathmandu culture through jewellery

  When Aayusha Shrestha returned home after completing her studies in India, she felt like a foreigner. She was attracted to the artistic images and designs carved on temples at Patan Durbar Square among other places of Kathmandu Valley. She was always excited to know what they signified. But, it was disappointing. There was no […]

Not enough: What this Frenchman feels after farming in Nepal for 10 years

If you are from outside Kathmandu and happen to meet Francois Driard, he may surprise you with his questions. “Where are you from?” he shall ask and most probably, you will name your district. “Tell me exactly which place in the district,” he will ask you further. Once you give him the exact name, he […]

Kathmandu Kora: When riders ‘get religious’ through cycling

  For a layman in the city, ‘Kathmandu Kora’ perhaps is not something that he has heard about yet. But for Raj Gyawali, it has been the greatest annual festival for the last seven years. “Yes, it is not everyone’s cup of tea,” Gyawali says as he begins to explain about the event, scheduled ¬†for […]

How one company is setting the stage to formalise domestic help business in Nepal

Prashant Dangol was working at a child rights NGO in Kathmandu in 2006 when he thought of pursuing foreign employment to earn a fortune for his family. After someone told him that Nepalis can reach Canada via an indirect route through Africa, he spent nearly a million rupees on it without giving a second thought. […]

Romance on a roll: The bicycle-meets-couples story of Kathmandu

Kathmandu, June 15 Sailendra Dongol’s 85-year-old grandfather had wished that his only grandson ride a Mercedes when he goes to his bride’s home on wedding day. But, when D-day came, the 29-year-old had something else in mind. “I told him that I had hired a rickshaw for my big day, but he did not believe […]

Into slumber: Curtain falls on yet another Kathmandu theatre with hope to rise again

Kathmandu, May 30 “Today, we are closing the third Nepali theatre in recent years,” announces Kedar Shrestha, Artistic Director of Theatre Mall located in the heart of Kathmnandu. Shrestha, 29, was the brains behind utilising the rooftop of the seven-storey Kathmandu Mall to establish a theatre. Giving a glimpse of his heavy heart through a […]

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