Timi Hunchhau Jaha Jaha movie review: Another boring love story

After a poor show in the movie Rani, former Miss Nepal Malina Joshi is back in another romantic movie which lacks depth and substance. It seems Nepali film directors like to make romantic films just because they are easy.

The movie Timi Hunchhau Jaha Jaha revolves around two characters, Shaksi (Malina Joshi) and Ashutosh (Manish Sundar Shrestha) who meet in Kathmandu after she gets drunk with her roommate Meera (Tamanna KC). They meet ‘unexpectedly’ time and again and eventually fall in love. But the story takes a turn after the entrance of Benjo (Swaroop Parush Dhakal), a gangster who only cares about money and himself.

The first half of the movie is all about how the love story between Joshi and Shrestha is built up. It is a bit funny but all of it is quite one dimensional. The characters do not seem to have understood their roles and that has made the movie quite flat.

The second half picks up from the first, but still does not do enough to grab the audience. Its poor presentation and the actors’ lack of experience shows as one could not help but cringe in most of the scenes as it has been rushed.

The acting is quite flat. Joshi shows glimpses but fails to deliver a solid performance. Her emotions are decent but her dialogue delivery is quite poor. She needs to work really hard on that if she wants to grow herself as a top actor. Shrestha is another one who fails to impress in the two-hour long drama. His emotion or dialogue delivery is poor as he proves that being a chocolate boy isn’t enough.

Even though this is their second venture together, one could clearly see the lack of chemistry between the two. Especially the part when they express their love for each other seems fake and forced. Dhakal as the antagonist is perhaps the only character in the film who has performed well.

The screenplay or the script is quite poor as the writer seems to have taken bits and pieces from a few Bollywood movies and joined it together. For instance, the fact that Shrestha acts as a driver to impress Joshi echoes the character played by Amir Khan in Ghajini and this is not the only one. The story lacks originality and is one paced with no real twists and turns. The climax is quite abrupt as the writer has tried to rush everything and finish it in two hours.

The music and background score is quite good and if not, the movie would have been a terrible watch. The cinematography is nothing worth raving about as it has been shot mostly from the characters’ point of view. Apart from some drone shots, nothing is extraordinary.

Overall, the movie is a dull watch. It fails as a love story and will only leave one fuming. With many others decent films in the market, it would be a poor choice to watch this movie.

Genre: Romance

Run Time: 2 hours

Director: Vikash Basyal

Cast: Malina Joshi, Manish Sundar Shrestha, Swaroop Parush Dhakal

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Published on June 24th, Sunday, 2018 10:28 AM

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