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200,000 citizens awaiting driving licence as govt runs out of smart cards

Kathmandu, November 27 The government has not been able to smoothly distribute driving licences for last few months. Currently, 200,000 applications have piled up at the Department of Transport Management. The Department, however, has just 15,000 blank smart cards to print driving licences in its current stock. Consequently, an applicant has to wait for as […]

Driving licence distribution halted citing polls

Kathmandu, November 22 The Department of Transport Management once again has halted distribution of driving licences citing upcoming provincial and federal parliamentary elections. Chief of the Transport Management Office in Ekantakuna of Lalitpur, Tej Narayan Yadav, says the distribution was halted as the Department staff and traffic police who would assist the Office to conduct […]

Government to install RFID posts at Kathmandu entry points

Kathmandu, November 20 In a bid to help police arrest people involved in various criminal incidents, the Department of Transport Management is planning to install radio-frequency identification (RFID)┬áposts at major entry points of Kathmandu Valley. The new system will enable officials to track movement of vehicles after reading the radio-frequency information kept on their embossed […]

Application collection for embossed number plates resumes

Kathmandu, November 6 The Department of Transport Management says it has resumed collection applications for embossed number plates on vehicles. The number plates will mention the number of provinces as per the new system. Once the provinces will be named by respective provincial governments, the names will be added free of cost, according to Department’s […]

Government to mention province’s name on embossed number plates

Kathmandu, October 22 The Ministry of Physical Infrastructures and Transport has taken a proposal to the Cabinet to mention the name of province on embossed number plates of vehicles. Earlier, the Ministry had begun distributing the places with the names of zones, but had halted it after stakeholders and public criticised the government for failing […]

Indian company wins tender to supply smart driving licences again

Kathmandu, October 16 India-based Madras Security Printers has won the tender called by the Nepal government to print and supply 750,000 smart driving licences. The same company had supplied licences to the Department of Transport Management earlier. The Department’s Director General Rup Narayan Bhattarai says an agreement in this regard will be signed today. Earlier, […]