Three years after Nepal quake, Jiddé Budi is back in her ‘house of stories’

  I first met her while trekking to Gosainkunda. My friends and I had walked up to her village with an old man who was headed home, a village a bit farther down on the trail to the sacred lake. When he stopped at this ramshackle place for a bowl of chhyang, we decided to […]

Why pilgrims from India and Nepal throng to see an orchid that blooms in April

An orchid that blooms around mid-April in a garden of historical and cultural significance in Siraha, eastern Nepal attracts hordes of pilgrims from both India and Nepal every year. The locals in the area of the garden, known as the Salahesh Fulbari, believe that the flower blooms on the very first day of the year, 1st of Baishakh (the first […]