Varanasi: A Nepali experience in the Timeless City

 No one enjoys the narrow alleys in the vicinity of – and which inevitably lead to – Varanasi’s famous ghats more than cows and hashish peddlers. The former trundle through the alleys, devouring food left on the doorsteps by devout locals, who revere them, affectionately addressing them as Gau Mata, Cow Mother. The latter lurk […]

Farmlands, pagoda and sunrises: The Sankhu-Nagarkot hike

Kathmandu Valley’s religious and cultural heritage–manifested physically in temples, shrines, ponds, wooden and stone carvings – seem a bit out of place in the midst of concrete buildings and traffic. They evoke a yearning to see them in their original, rustic settings. Needless to say, the pollution and congestion also stifle people. So it is […]