Dreams are meant to be lived: to the enchanting Kingdom of Lo Manthang on two wheels

At Gheling(3,570m), despite the cold high wind, my three companions decided to take a stroll around the village, still close to an hour left before dark fell. With a mild headache and fever-like chills, I chose instead to rest, huddled before the iron stove in the dining room of the lodge.¬† Sonam, the hostess, and […]

Nuwakot: A traveller’s guide to the historic town near Kathmandu

  History tells you that at one point of time, Nuwakot was stronger than Kathmandu. That was the time when the old town was full of stone art. It was so pretty that people from all over Nepal used to visit the place. It was in Nuwakot that Prithvi Narayan Shah, the king who unified¬†Nepal, […]