To western Nepal’s ‘New Lumbini’ in 5 photos

After an adventure-filled overnight journey from Kathmandu you reach Birendranagar in Surkhet, one of western Nepal’s commerce hubs. The town is from where food supplies reach rural Karnali, one of the most underdeveloped parts of Nepal. The city is also the place to go for people living in Dailekh, Jajarkot and Acham districts. It is also home to […]

In Nepal’s medieval Newar town Bandipur, a pedestrian’s utopia

Dumré, a stereotypical Nepali town close to the highway, is a picture of mercantile zeal. It’s an assault on the eyes (piles of pickaxes and chains and pots, plastic wares to back up an invasion) and the ears (blaring horns is the town’s background score). I have been there a couple of times and the only […]