Nepali ‘sausage vine’ is famous in UK, yet remains unknown in Nepal

The sausage vine plant, a huge hit among gardeners in the United Kingdom (U.K.), originates from the jungles of Nepal, yet it remains in relative obscurity there due to lack of awareness and proper promotion. Nepali and Indian botanists are now trying to shed some light on the aromatic but long-forgotten sausage vine through research […]

Pasa Puchah Guthi: This organisation is leading young Nepalis in UK towards their roots

Sanyukta Shrestha, in his teens, thought that Nepali and Sanskrit were more important languages than his own community’s Nepal Bhasha, commonly called Newari. Though born in a Newar family in Naxal in Kathmandu, Shrestha thought he would not need Newari for his lifeā€”because Nepali and English would be enough. Instead, he developed his interest in […]