How the gods of war kept watch over Kathmandu’s first chaitya excavation

Kathmandu, January 5 On February 14, 2017, nearly two years after the Nepal Earthquake, representatives from the local community, the Department of Archaeology and UNESCO gathered at the Swayambhunath Stupa complex in Kathmandu for a special purpose. They were there to¬†witness the ceremonial repatriation of key artefacts found during the excavation of the Mangal Bahudwar […]

Kathmandu’s first-ever Buddhist chaitya excavation

When Qatar’s Minister of State and candidate for the UNESCO Director-General¬†Hamad Al Kawari visited the Buddhist shrine of Swayambhu in February 2017, he was surprised. “Allah, Allah!” A UNESCO consultant who was at the shrine that day remembers. “Why, what happened?” the UNESCO consultant had asked Kawari, who would go on to lose the race […]