Youth policy programme held to reduce gender-based violence

Youth Policy Programme
Organisers hand over a manifesto to National Youth Council Vice-chairperson Surendra Basnet, in Kathmandu, on December 15, 2022. Photo: Yuwalaya

Kathmandu, December 15

A youth policy programme has been completed to reduce gender violence in the community.

A two-day programme organised for the youth to identify ways to solve problems in order to reduce the various types of sexual violence in society was completed on Thursday

The programme was jointly organised by National Youth Council, Oxfam Nepal, Helvetas Nepal and Yuwalaya where they discussed the efforts made by the Nepali government to reduce gender-based violence, the role of men in reducing gender-based violence and the problems faced by people from sexual and gender minority communities.

A 12-point manifesto has also been prepared by the youth themselves on the topic discussed and the action that should be taken.

The participating youths presented their experiences during the closing ceremony. Present at the ceremony were Kamala Parajuli, President of the National Women Commission and Surendra Basnet, Vice President of the National Youth Council.

Parajuli, chief guest of the program said she was happy to see the active participation of the youth in such a programme and expressed her commitment to implementing the suggestions presented.

Speaking at the program, the President of the National Youth Council Basnet said that his support was always with the youth and they were needed to minimize gender-based violence.

Santosh Maharjan, president of Yuwalaya, said more programmes will be held to help tackle issues of the societies in the future too.

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