What does Dr Govinda KC do to prepare for hunger strikes?

File image: Dr Govinda KC

Senior TU Teaching Hospital orthopaedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC has been fasting unto death for last seven days. This is the 63-year-old’┬ás 11th hunger strike in six years.

Members of the public are curious about how this man can survive for days and weeks without eating anything. Does he have a secret diet that keeps him strong?

Well, Dr KC had prepared for his first fast-unto-death in 2012 for nearly a year. He had begun cutting down on daily meals around 11 months ago. In the last months of his preparations, he drank only milk in mornings and ate fruits in evenings. He did not eat anything on some randomly-selected days in between.

Before the second hunger strike, he shortened the preparations to some weeks. These days he gets little time to prepare for a strike.

Before starting every strike, Dr KC undergoes various health check-ups. “See this mark. I have just sent my blood for examinations,” he pointed to his arm during a conversation with Onlinekhabar last week, “This mark means I am ready for the hunger strike.”

After all these preparations, the veteran claims he does not have any craving for food during the strike.

Dr Govinda KC announces his fast-unto-death at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, in Kathmandu, on Monday, July 24, 2017.

What about other times?

Though not a foodie, this surgeon has strong desires for some foods. He is a vegetarian and loves vegetarian momo and coke more than anything.

He says he can drink as much as two to three bottles of coke every day. Coke is the first drink that he takes after sipping juice while breaking the hunger strike anytime.

He also likes bhat (rice) with aalu-tama-bodi (the soup of potato, bamboo shoots and beans).

Before starting his first fast-unto-death in July 2012, his food habit was normal. But, he gradually adopted changes and later stopped eating rice altogether. Recently his brother has come to live with him, and he was eating rice once a day before launching the latest strike.

Published on July 30th, Sunday, 2017 11:52 AM

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