Using ATMs of other banks: Up to Rs 15 per transaction from now onwards

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Using ATMs
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Kathmandu, January 31

The central bank of Nepal says banks and financial institutions from now onwards charge up to Rs 15 per transaction for using ATMs of other banks to withdraw money from the accounts at other banks.

Previously, the rate was Rs 20 at a maximum per transaction after two free transactions. In Nepal Rastra Bank‘s new Integrated Directive on Payment, however, there is no provision for any free transactions while using other banks’ ATMs.

It means the customers will be charged even if they just use other banks’ devices even once.

Meanwhile, the central bank also increased the maximum limit on digital transactions. Details are given below:

SNTransactionPrevious limitNew limit
1Transfer from a bank account to a digital walletRs 50,000/dayRs 200,000/day
2Transfer from a digital wallet to a bank accountRs 50,000/dayRs 200,000/day
3Transfer from a digital wallet to anotherRs 25,000/dayRs 50,000/day
4Mobile bankingRs 200,000/dayRs 300,000/day

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