Tourist arrival gradually on the rise in Nepal as Covid-19 terror subsides

Kathmandu, March 2

Nepal is gradually reviving the Covid-19-shattered tourism industry as the world is slowly moving away from the pandemic terror, according to the government data.

Whereas 8,874 foreign tourists had travelled to Nepal via airways, the number grew to 9,146 in February, informs the Department of Immigration.

India has been credited for the highest number of tourists in the past two months as 8,791 people from India visited this country. Likewise, there were 2,585 Chinese.

Likewise, the number of visitors from the United States has significantly increased last month. Whereas there were 874 Americans arriving in Nepal in January, the number rose to 1,120 in the second month.

In February, only 1,142 people from various European countries visited Nepal.

Nepal does not have a system of counting foreign tourists coming from roadways.

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