Top 10 songs of The Axe Band that are constantly popular in the past 30 years

Photo: The Axe Band/Facebook
Photo: The Axe Band/Facebook

The Axe Band are one of the very few three-man bands in the Nepali music scene. The band are more famous and popular for their funky sound. The 30-year-old band have contributed a lot to the Nepali music industry by creating many evergreen songs.

Here, we have handpicked the best 10 songs by The Axe Band. 

1. Lukna Deu Malai 

Lukna Deu Malai is the most popular song by The Axe Band from the album A Decade. The music is well received for its guitar plucking that takes place in the intro. Most beginning guitar players prefer to learn the instrument from this song.

2. Euta Chitti Ko Sahara Le 

This is another hit number by the band. Love letters used to be considered the best medium to propose and impress loved ones during those years, but this song contradicts the idea. The lyrics of this song tell that love cannot be found in papers. 

3. Thado Jane Ukalo 

The way this song starts is interesting. It begins with a bass line and slowly accompanies a funky guitar tone and drums. This song is also a part of The Axe Band’s album, A Decade.  

4. Chyangba Dai 

This song tells how Chyangba Dai (a man) changed after his marriage and started avoiding Maichyang (his premarital beloved). This is also The Axe Band’s first song after the change in their lineup, replacing Sarad Shrestha by Sajal Rajabhandari. 

5. Praaya Sadai Ma 

This is one of the most soulful songs by the band. It is the only acoustic song of the band. The song’s lyrics say that the singer sees his beloved almost every day in dreams, but in reality, she is far away from him. 

6. Timro Najar Le  

Timro Najar Le is another evergreen song by The Axe Band. The song’s guitar rhythm is equally popular as its composition. In this song, the singer is baffled about a girl whom he loves. He does not know who she is and how he should approach her. 

7. Chahe Duniyale 

In this song, the singer says he does not care what others tell the girl he loves. The song comes from the album Kammasaka. 

8. Chiya Barima

The song is from the album Farkera Herda.  The singer in this song tells about the girl whom he saw in a dream and was in a tea garden.     

9. Ma Aaudai Chhu 

In Ma Aaudai Chhu, the singer is sharing his commitment to the girl he loves. He says he is coming to receive her and will never leave her. 

10. Simana

Simana is a patriotic song by the band. This song tells how Nepal’s land is encroached on by the neighbouring side. This song back then even drew controversy and some televisions banned it from being aired. 

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