Tilganga-Guhyeshwari road shut owing to UNESCO warning, SC order

Kathmandu, May 15

The Pashupati Area Development Trust has shut the Tilganga-Tamraganga-Guhyeshwari road owing to a UNESCO warning and an order from the Supreme Court.

Citing that the road posed a threat to the World Heritage Site, the UN cultural agency had warned of removing Pashupati area from the World Heritage Site list around seven years ago if the road was used. Likewise, the apex court had also issued a similar order around three years ago.

Earlier, the road had reportedly caused soil erosion in the Shleshmantak forest area. Hence, the conservation activists had long been demanding for the closure.

“Now, no vehicles will ply this road. We have closed this road addressing concerns of multiple stakeholders,” the Trust’s Member Secretary Pradeep Dhakal informs.

The 675 metre road was opened 12 years ago as an alternative route.

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