7 things you should do every day to stay fit during Nepal lockdown

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The ongoing prohibitory order, imposed in the Kathmandu valley, has officially been extended until May 12 in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. And, with the escalating new cases of Covid-19 every day, it is quite uncertain to predict when everything and everyone will return to normal life.

As of now, one cannot even think about getting back to normal days amid the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in Nepal. Due to that, everyone except the frontline workers is stuck inside their houses, either working or studying from home or having nothing important to do. Most people are ‘busy’ lying on their bed or couch, scrolling their mobile and laptop screens and getting up only to eat. 

This new sedentary lifestyle has worried many people about their health and fitness. And, if you are also worried about the same, here is the list of activities you can do, you should do, every day to stay fit during this time:

1. Yoga

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Yoga is considered best for maintaining both physical and mental health. And, the best thing about this is you can easily try different asanas (postures) according to body status at your home. All you need is a spacious room (roof or garden will also perfectly work) and a yoga mat to start practising yoga. There is an abundance of yoga tutorial videos on YouTube; just go through some good of them to master these asanas and stay physically and mentally fit.

 2. Skipping

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Certainly, every Nepali household has a rope, although the purpose may be different. That rope can be used by everyone for skipping also in order to remain healthy. Skipping is believed to be a great cardio exercise that helps tone your muscles and build stamina. You can also easily get a skipping rope in any nearby store. Along with health, skipping is also a fun activity to try at home.

3. Meditation

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Horrifying pictures and stories of Covid-19 are more traumatising than informing for some people. All these have dismantled the peace of mind of many people. In this situation, what could be a better solution than meditation? Not only will meditation help people maintain and strengthen their mental health,  but also boost their confidence to fight against the pandemic. Relax and start meditating every day at your home.

4. Walking indoors

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For staying fit, physical activities like walking and running are a must. On normal days, intentionally or unintentionally, people walk several steps while commuting to and fro between their home and workplace/study place. However, this is not possible now. Therefore, you can just get off from your bedtime and again and walk in and around your home, climb stairs, run or walk around the garden, on the rooftop, in the house compound, along the corridor to another corridor or from one room to another. One can also try jumping and walking on a treadmill if they have one.

5. Exercise

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Exercises are the best way to get out of the unhealthy sedentary lifestyle that most people are living right now. There are plenty of exercises available as per your body size and health condition.  Whether you want to gain weight or lose weight or just to stay fit and maintain a healthy body and mind, you need to exercise every day at least for an hour. If you think about how you can exercise now as all the gyms are closed, worry not. One can freely do exercise at their home by following some YouTube videos.

6. Playing with kids and pets

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If you have kids and/or pets at your home, it is quite hard for you to get some rest. And, that is quite good for your health as it is pretty much like exercise. They run around, cuddle and walk around and you need to catch up; this involves a lot of physical activities to remain healthy. Enjoy this quality time playing with your kids and pets which you hardly get during normal days as you are always busy either with your studies or work life.

7. Dance

Elders in Mata Tirtha Old Age Home Dance lesson
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Dancing is another form of exercise that you can try during this lockdown. And, it is quite fun as well. It does not matter how good or bad a dancer you are, just turn on the music and dance to the beats whole-heartedly, resting between some intervals. This will contribute to your physical and mental health as well.

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