Supreme Court seeks original documents on Yograj Dhakal’s pardoning decision

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Kathmandu, October 6

The Supreme Court on Thursday issued an order, seeking original documents on the decision to award amnesty to Yograj Dhakal (Regal) by October 11.

A single bench of Justice Manoj Kumar Sharma issued an order in this regard.

“Entire documents that have the decisions dated September 20 to give parole to Dhakal by the President should be produced before the court by October 11 via Office of the Attorney General from the office that keeps it,” Sharma stated in the order.

Similarly, Justice Sharma has decided to schedule the next hearing with a full bench on October 12, emphasising that the case requires a smooth and prompt resolution. The case will take precedence on the slated date before the full bench.

President Ramchandra Paudel had pardoned Dhakal upon the recommendation of the Council of Ministers on the occasion of Constitution Day.

Dhakal’s release not only sparked widespread criticism but also led to Bharati Manandhar Sherpa, the spouse of Chetan Manandhar whom Dhakal had murdered in Banke, filing a case against the government’s decision.

Manandhar is currently staging a fast-unto-death demanding that Dhakal be sent back to prison.

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