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Finance Minister laments over efforts to create ‘illusions’ about economy

Kathmandu, September 8 Finance Minister Yuba Raj Khatiwada has expressed his sadness over various efforts launched to create illusions about the economic status of the country. Claiming the economic status of the country is not problematic as it has been projected, he says some people have mobilised others to create rumours and illusions about the […]

Nepal imported 22,500 kg needles worth Rs 7.7 million in past 11 months

Kathmandu, July 3 Whenever they have to criticise the government for its inefficiency, many members of the public often say that Nepal cannot produce even a single needle. The accusation seems true till the date as recent data have shown that the country imported 22,5000 kg needles used in garment manufacturing and repairing in past […]

Why Nepal needs to introduce a mega bank merger plan

After the restoration of democracy, Nepal has adopted more liberal and open economic policies. The process of economic liberalisation and reforms in the financial sector introduced in the early 1980s has led to significant changes in the banking industry. The open and liberal policy of the government has supported the establishment of many banks and […]

World Bank predicts 7.1% GDP growth for Nepal this fiscal year

Kathmandu, June 6 The World Bank has predicted that Nepal is likely to achieve a gross domestic product growth of 7.1 per cent in this fiscal year 2018/19. Making public its report titled ‘Nepal Development Update: Investing in People to Close the Human Capital Gap’, the bank says the country’s economy will be mainly driven […]

Govt claims ‘exciting’ improvements in economy

Kathmandu, May 27 The government has claimed that the country recorded impressive scores in different economic indicators in past one year, adding political stability has created an investment friendly environment. Finance Minister Yuba Raj Khatiwada says the level of poverty has significantly dropped in the country. Presenting the economic survey of the fiscal year 2018/19 […]

World Bank tells Nepal among South Asian countries to promote export

Kathmandu, April 8 All countries of South Asia needs to increase export so as to sustain the region’s high growth and reach its full economic potential, says the World Bank. In its half yearly regional economic update, the Bank finds that the region’s growth, while still robust, is mainly driven by domestic demand, which in turn swelled […]