Bharati Manandhar starts fast unto death demanding justice for her husband

Bharati Manandhar - fast unto death

Kathmandu, October 4

Bharati Manandhar has started fast unto death against demanding Yog Raj Dhakal (Regal), who killed her husband Chetan Manandhar, be sent to prison.

Dhakal was released following a presidential pardon on Constitution Day.

Bharti, who started fasting on Wednesday morning in Maitighar Mandla, said that she will not return home until she gets justice.

Talking to journalists at the hunger strike, she said, “I will continue the struggle until I get justice.” I am ready to die but I will not return until I get justice.”

Regal stabbed and killed Chetan on July 13, 2015, in Nepalgunj. In May 2019, he was pronounced guilty by the Banke District Court and subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment. Ten other individuals implicated in the incident received prison terms ranging from three to 10 years, depending on the extent of their involvement.

The government, however, recommended the president pardon him on Constitution Day after which he was released.

Bharati, opposing this decision, is staging a fast unto death demanding her husband’s murderer be sent back to jail. A writ petition has also been filed against the president’s decision to pardon Dhakal.

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