A sub-variant of Omicron is dominant in Nepal, says WHO

World Health Organization (WHO)
World Health Organization (WHO)

Kathmandu, February 2

An official of the World Health Organization says a sub-variant of Omicron variant of the coronavirus is active in Nepal among new Covid-19 cases in the country.

In an online briefing on Wednesday, Dr Boris Pavlin, a member of the WHO Covid-19 response team, says the sub-variant named BA.2 is getting active in Nepal, India, Qatar, the Philippines and Denmark.

Although there are more cases of BA.2 sub-variant than BA.1, the number of patients being admitted to hospitals has not significantly increased, Dr Pavlin said, meaning there was no reason to panic.

Reuters reports the Covid-19 vaccines have also been proved effective against new variants and sub-variants of the virus, according to him.

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