Only 50 per cent pass specialist doctor’s license exam

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Kathmandu, December 3

Nearly half of the examinees have failed the specialist doctor‘s license examination conducted by the Nepal Medical Council.

The council released the results of the examination conducted on Friday across 25 different categories on Sunday. Out of the 183 participants, 94 successfully passed, while 89 did not meet the passing criteria.

Additionally, the council has withheld the results of six individuals due to their failure to present the required identity cards as specified.

On behalf of the Council, Registrar Suprabhat Shrestha stated that there were no irregularities during the examination. He mentioned that candidates dissatisfied with their exam results have the option to apply for re-evaluation within 35 days.

The council conducts these exams three times a year.

In a previous instance, 48.33 per cent of candidates passed the examination for specialist doctors held on July 28.

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