8 best sekuwa places in Kathmandu you should try out

Just as the population of Kathmandu is increasing day by day, the number of meat lovers is also increasing rapidly. For meat lovers, there are plenty of options and a variety of meat dishes to enjoy. Among the options, sekuwa is something that, all seem to love and enjoy.

Sekuwa is grilled/skewered meat, of goat, pig, chicken, or lamb, marinated in a variety of spices. The authentic sekuwa is roasted on natural firewood.

If you have not tried sekuwa or you want to try some of the best sekuwa places in Kathmandu, here are some suggestions:

1. Yangtaru Sekuwa Corner

sekuwa places in kathmandu valley
Photo: Yangtaru Sekuwa Corner/ Facebook

If you are looking for some of the best sekuwa places in Kathmandu, there is an amazing place located at Saraswatinagar, Chabahil. With a colossal roasting pitch, Yangtaru Sekuwa Corner is a spacious eatery with plenty of spaces indoors and outdoors for one to enjoy their delicious sekuwa. Here, you can enjoy soft and juicy sekuwa made from pork, chicken, buffalo meat, and mutton. Their buffalo sekuwa is more famous among the customers.

2. Town Top Lama Sekuwa Corner

Town Top Lama Sekuwa Corner sekuwa places in kathmandu valley
Photo: Town Top Lama Sekuwa Corner/ Facebook

Town Top Lama Sekuwa Corner is a restaurant initiated by the local Lama family at Sinamangal Chok in Kathmandu. This is one of the delightful sekuwa places in Kathmandu that still serves the food in traditional style. One can come here for fresh, delicious, mouth-watering sekuwa made from pork, chicken or buffalo meat at a reasonable price. You get the sekuwa with some golphuki and pickle to add to the taste.

3. Michael Grills

micheal grills sekuwa places in kathmandu valley
Photo: Micheal Grills/ Facebook

Inspired by sekuwa artist Michael Baje (grandfather), this restaurant is famous for grilled food items like sekuwa. It is a popular restaurant that opened at Devkota Sadak, Kathmandu. It serves yummy sekuwa in pork, chicken, and mutton varieties at a very reasonable price. Also, you can enjoy buffalo sekuwa in its meal set with beaten rice and its special sauce.

4. Fast Food Newari Khaja Ghar

Fast Food Newari Khaja Ghar
Photo: Fast Food Newari Khaja Ghar/ Facebook

Fast Food Newari Khaja Ghar located at Dillibazar has one of the spiciest sekuwas in Kathmandu. It serves a variety of dishes such as keema anda, piro aalu, and Newari khaja set. But, the thing that makes customers enter its restaurant time and again is its special piro (spicy) sekuwa. One can enjoy some of the spiciest and delicious sekuwas in Kathmandu, in pork and buffalo varieties, at a very cheap price.

5. Bajeko Sekuwa

bajeko sekuwa sekuwa places in kathmandu valley
Photo: Bajeko Sekuwa/ Facebook

Bajeko Sekuwa is one of the very renowned sekuwa places in the Kathmandu valley. It has been in the business for four decades and is serving customers from ten locations currently inside the valley. Customers are rushing in for the authentic Bajeko Sekuwa with authentic spices. For the foodies out there, Bajeko Sekuwa is a place you can enjoy lots and lots of delicious authentic and fresh dishes, in a hygienic environment. Here, one can enjoy Bajeko special chicken, and mutton sekuwas are something the customers crave for. 

6. Dharane Sekuwa Corner

Dharane Sekuwa Corner
Photo: Dharane Sekuwa Corner/ Facebook

Dharane Sekuwa Corner is a restaurant located at Sampang Chok, Lalitpur. It serves several delicious food items, but the Dharane special sekuwa in pork, chicken, buffalo and mutton sekuwas are some of the common varieties you can try. But, here you can also try wing sekuwa that has customers coming back. Among one of the popular sekuwa places in Kathmandu, this place gives you a homely vibe and a peaceful environment to create special memories with family and friends. 

7. Koits Sekuwa Corner

Koits Sekuwa Corner
Koits Sekuwa Corner

This sekuwa corner is run by amazing people of the Sunuwar family. Koits Sekuwa Corner is located at Phaika Chok, Kapan. Among several sekuwa places in the Kathmandu valley, what is special about this place is it does not prepare its sekuwa over the charcoal but over oven fire. This means its buffalo and chicken sekuwas are delicious to eat.

8. Aunty’s Sekuwa Corner

Aunty’s Sekuwa Corner sekuwa places in kathmandu valley
Photo: Aunty’s Sekuwa Corner/ Facebook

Every Nepali wants something cheap as well as a good one. So, here is Aunty’s Sekuwa Corner located at Pyaphal, near Basantapur. It is one of the cheapest as well as delicious sekuwa places in Kathmandu. The place is also located in the heart of the city so one can frequent the place as well. Though small, this place serves delicious chicken and buffalo sekuwa items that you surely would not want to miss.

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