Saptari child murdered after attempted rape

Representational sketch

Saptari, June 22

A nine-year-old was been found dead in Hatail, Dakneshwari municipality-3 of the Saptari district, on Friday, June 18. Preliminary police investigations revealed she was murdered after an attempted rape.

The victim has been identified as Shivani Yadav, a local. Her body was recovered at a mango garden owned by Shiva Nath Yadav.

A 19-year-old youth, named Rohit Kumar Dhamala, has been arrested for further investigation into the case. SP Rajendra Prasad Dhamala, the chief of the District Police Office, says Yadav was arrested while he was trying to flee into India last night.

Last Friday, Shivani Yadav and her younger sister had gone to graze their cattle, during which Shivani reportedly went to the mango garden to bring some mangoes. Then, Rohit Yadav attempted rape with promises of mangoes, claim police.

After the incident, the child told the attacker that she would inform of the incident to her mother. Then, fearing action, he resorted to the murder.

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