Road dept in trouble as Melamchi water causes more leaks from Kathmandu’s water pipes

Water leaks onto a road from a pipe in Kathmandu in April 2021. Photo: Shankar Giri

Kathmandu, April 12

The Department of Roads has claimed the number of leaks from Kathmandu’s water pipes has increased of late, adversely affecting the already problematic condition of roads in the capital.

Since the Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited began distributing water brought from the Melamchi Water Supply Project in March, the number of leaks has significantly gone up, the department says, also urging the KUKL to work together in improving the water distribution system so that there will not be leaks and they will not have significant impact on the road condition.

Kuber Nepali, the chief of the Kathmandu Division Road Office, says around 300 leaks have been reported in different places of the city recently. Meanwhile, the KUKL has already sought approval from the department to dig roads at 12 places to repair the pipes.

“But, the roads will get damaged if they haphazardly uncover and cover the roads,” Nepali says, “We are experts of roads, and they are of pipes. Hence, we need to work together to solve this issue quickly and in a well-managed way.”

The KUKL has also identified the problem, informs its spokesperson Prakash Kumar Rai, adding it will, however, continue expanding the water distribution system while gradually addressing the problem also.

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