7 recently released Nepali songs 

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For the past few months, Onlinekhabar has been actively putting together lists of newly released songs that are worth checking out. This not only provides a platform for artists to showcase their music but also offers listeners a curated selection, making it easier for them to discover new and noteworthy songs.

Similarly, we have received positive feedback from our readers regarding this content. This encouragement has spurred us to produce similar content more frequently. As a result, once again, we bring you a compilation of recently released songs that are a must-listen.

Listen to the recently released Nepali songs. 

Ae Hawa  

Ae Hawa, released on November 18, is a song dedicated to the wind. Singer Nilotapl Dhakal describes it as a love letter to the wind, expressing his plea for the wind to allow him to experience just a fraction of what she does. The song features a raw music video that complements the recently released Nepali song’s essence. Singer Dhakal personally handled the mixing and mastering of the song

Laure Ko Chithi

Laure Ko Chithi by Dewaj Thapa is a heartfelt message from a soldier at war to his beloved. The music video, directed by Abhishek Subedi, depicts the struggles of soldiers in a war zone and captures poignant moments of the soldier reminiscing about his family back home.

The song’s lyrics portray the reasons why soldiers are compelled to leave their families despite their deep love for them. Military personnel and their families can resonate with the emotional depth of this recently released Nepali song.

Ae Mero Maan  

This acoustic song can hit you hard if you have experienced heartbreak. ‘Ae Mero Maan’ by Angu Bhutia and Enoshjack is a song expressing the sorrow of a broken heart. This two-minute-long composition reassures you that it is okay to hurt, to grieve, and to seek solace in the embrace of those who care. 

As of writing this piece, the song has garnered only 6,000 views on YouTube, but we feel it deserves more attention.

Rang Pheri 

Gauley Bhai has always been known for the distinctive sound they bring to their songs. True to their earlier releases, the recently unveiled Rang Pheri also boasts a unique tone. The infectious groove of the song is captivating and it will make your body move. 

Equally cool is the music video, featuring friends hanging out on the roof, enjoying drinks, and jamming. 

Bichara Ma 

After a long hiatus of seven years, the classic pop band Kandara is back on the scene with their new song, ‘Bichara Ma.’ In this release, the band has ventured beyond their comfort zone, infusing a rock essence into their music. While Kandara’s usual repertoire leans towards soft and easy sounds, Bichara Ma stands out with its heavy sound. 

Hari Maharjan’s guitar solo is a treat for the ears.

An interesting note about Bichara Ma is that it was recorded in a single take at the Radio Nepal studio. 

Jhyaalaima Basera 

Jhyaalaima Basera by Abhaya and the Steam Injuns is an expression of the struggle of waiting for someone you love. The song to some extent carries EDM vibes, and its music video, directed by Kabiraj Rai and Kishore Sherchan, showcases some aesthetically pleasing locations.

Timi Nachana 

Timi Nachana by Wangden Sherpa has become the new party anthem among the youth. The song revolves around togetherness and dancing with loved ones. The music video offers a vibrant tour of Bali. Thanks to its catchy chorus, the song has gained immense popularity on several social media platforms. Listen and dance along to Timi Nachana!

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