Province 3 leading contributor to GDP, Province 5 leads in access to banking: NRB

Butwal, September 30

Province 3 is Nepal’s most valuable province in terms of contribution to the GDP, a new study by the country’s central bank shows. The study also shows that Province 5 leads the pack in terms of access to banking.

The study titiled ‘Economic Activity in Federal Structure’, was made public at a programme in Butwal on Sunday. The report says that Province 3’s share of GDP is around 31.6 per cent. That of Province 1 and 2 are 17/5 amd 16.2 respectively. Simlarly, provinces 5, 4, 7 and 6 contribute 13.4 per cent, 10.4 per cent, 6.3 per cent and 4.5 per cent respectively.

Province 3 also leads the charts in terms of per capita income. According to the report, the per capita income of residents of Province 3 is $1,534. The figure for Province 4 stands at $1,021, Province 2 at $799, Province 6 at $677 and Province 7 at $660.

The report says that Province 5 leads the table in terms of access to banking. Of the 109 local units in the province only three do not have access to banking service. In Province Seven, 23 local bodies don’t have a bank. The number in Province 6 stands at 20, in Province 1 at 10 and 11 in Province 3. In Province 2 and Province 6, four and 5 local bodies respectively don’t have access to a bank.

Published on September 30th, Sunday, 2018 5:57 PM

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