Prasuti Griha tense after death of woman and newborn during C-section

File: Prasuti Griha, Thapathali

Kathmandu, July 18

Tension ran high at Prasuti Griha (Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital) in Thapathali of Kathmandu on Thursday afternoon after a woman and her child died while the doctors carried out a cesarean section on the woman.

Though the hospital administration initiated a conversation with the victims’ family, the kin staged a protest outside the hospital.

They have claimed that the woman and her baby died due to the surgeons’ negligence, but the hospital has dismissed the charge.

“Sometimes, such things happen in case of complicated surgeries,” the hospital’s Director Jageshwar Gautam says, “We have not made any negligence.”

“It is natural that people turn aggressive after the death of their relatives. But, if there was any negligence, they should show us proof.”

Kalpana Tamang from Dupche of Nuwakot district was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. The C-section was done on Wednesday, but both the mother and the child died during the process.

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