Pilots over 60 barred from flying to smaller airports

Sketch for representation only: A pilot ready to fly
Sketch for representation only: A pilot ready to fly

Kathmandu, May 21

Pilots over the age of 60 will not be allowed to fly to remote areas of Nepal from January 1, 2024.

This comes after the Accident Investigation Commission recommended the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal an age limit be set when it comes to flying to remote areas.

The previous age limit was 65 years.

The commission formed by the government to investigate the Tara Air crash in Mustang on May 29, 2022, recommended lowering the maximum age limit of pilots flying aircraft to airports with small runways in its report.

Currently, pilots above 60 years of age must submit their medical report to the authority every six months. There is a provision that pilots between the ages of 50 and 60 should submit medical reports once a year.

The commission’s report blamed the pilot, Prabhakar Ghimire, for the crash.

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