Parsa’s septuagenarian kills son so that he can drink freely

Birgunj, September 15

A 70-year-old drunkard has reportedly killed his 35-year-old son in Pokhariya municipality of Parsa under the influence of alcohol.

Madho Sah was tired of various attempts to get rid of his dad’s alcoholism, but Laxmi, the old man, was not happy with the son’s efforts. This resulted in a murder on Monday, according to police.

When Laxmi came home drunk yesterday, Madho shouted at him. The quarrel intensified, forcing Madho to stab his son, informs Police Inspector Chandra Singh of Pokhariya Area Police Office.

The young man sustained critical injuries in the incident that occurred at 7:15 pm yesterday. Neighbours rushed him to National Medical College, but he breathed his last on the way.

Singh says the law enforcers have arrested Laxmi for further investigation.

In the preliminary investigation, it has been found that the duo did not have any other issue to quarrel, hence, the police say the son’s resistance to alcoholism was the only reason.

Local politician Madan Thakur also supports the claim, adding they had a similar fight a few days ago also.

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Bidari is an Onlinekhabar correspondent based in Birgunj of southern Nepal.

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