Online job interviews are on-trend in Nepal. Here are 8 tips to excel

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Covid-19 has made a huge impact on everyone’s life. From an individual to an organisation, everyone has been affected by the virus. The virus has restricted everyone in some ways and has forced a major change in their personal and professional life. The pandemic has affected all aspects of life in Nepal also.

Since face-to-face interaction can be very risky, the use of technology has been of high use to perform day-to-day activities. This may not completely fill the void but has been an effective way to do things during these difficult times.

Since hiring and firing are always happening in an organisation, it remains the same during the pandemic as well. Job vacancies and job interviews are ongoing even during the pandemic. However, the approach this time is different. The companies are shifting their ways to the digital and are taking online interviews these days. If you are one of the many who are in the line for the online interview, we have some tips that might help you.

1. Select a proper location

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A proper location is very important in an online interview. Before the scheduled interview time, make sure to select a proper location for your interview. Look for a place or room with minimal background noise and no distractions. Make sure the lighting is adequate and nothing in the background is distracting you from the interview. If you have family members or a roommate with you, make sure to let them know you have an interview and not to disturb you during that time. If you have pets, make sure to lock them properly out of the room where you are giving interviews. A professional backdrop will show the interviewer that you are serious about the interview and the job.

2. Test your gear

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It is very important to know the whereabouts of your gear. Before giving an actual online interview, make sure to test all your tools so that they will not create any problems during the conversation. Make sure to check your internet connection; set the location where the internet is stable so that you do not glitch during the interview. Make sure to do a mock interview to familiarise yourself with the app and also to check if your microphone or speaker is in a proper working condition. Make sure the internet connection is stable and tell your family to get out of the connection during the time.

3. Have a backup plan

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So now that you have tested all the necessary gear for your interview, you will now have an idea about their condition. Even if they are in proper working condition, there is a possibility of technical errors and they might not work during your interview. Being disconnected during the interview may seem very rude, so make sure you have a proper backup plan for these situations. Make sure you have other means to communicate with the interviewers so that you can notify them about your problem.  

4. Dress professionally    

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The importance of an online interview is the same as a face-to-face interview. So you need to make sure you treat them as one. Just because you are not facing them in person does not mean you can let your guards down. Make sure you dress professionally. Wear something clean, conservative, and business casual. The first impression might be very important during interviews; make sure you are in proper attire along with the right posture. Also do not hesitate to wear nice pants and shoes as well, just in case you need to stand up or walk away from the camera.

5. Exhibit proper body language

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Since it is very difficult to read body language through a video, you have to be especially aware of your nonverbal cues. Remember to put a smile on your face and nod when the interviewers speak. Try to sit up straight as you would during an in-person interview. Since you will not be able to shake hands after your interview, find a way to appreciate the time of the interviewer in a different manner.

6. Ensure proper lighting

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Lighting is also very important during online interviews. While you practise a mock interview, make sure you have perfect lighting while facing the interviewers. Make sure it is not too dark or too light, and also make sure you are in the natural light as much as possible. Lights from the back or above may make it difficult for interviewers to see your face properly. So spend some of your time finding the right place where the lighting is adequate.

7. Focus on the camera and not the screen

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If you have taken a selfie, you must have an idea about this. You should focus on the camera rather than the screen because the interviewer on the other side will see you looking down rather than looking at them.

Eye contact is essential during interviews and it is the same during online interviews as well. Though seeing someone in person and online is different and while you may feel like you are watching the interview in the face during an online interview while looking at the screen, you actually are looking down. This might be tricky to see the camera when the person is on the screen but with some practice beforehand, you can get used to it without feeling awkward. Also, the quality of your smartphone’s camera might be superior to that of your laptop’s or webcam so make sure to choose the best alternative for you.

8. Do follow-up

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It will always be nice to send a thank you note to the interviewer. Before ending, you will be notified when they will contact you again. If they do not get back to you on the mentioned day, take this time to reach out to them to ask if the hiring process is still on and if they need any more information from you. Along with thanking the interviewers for their time, reassert how interested you are in the position and be as specific as possible, mentioning a topic you discussed or something that inspired you.

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