Govt bars digging up roads for 3 months

road construction digging roads
File image: Pipeline works underway under the Melamchi Water Supply Project

Kathmandu, June 8

The Department of Roads has said it will not give permission to dig roads, in particular those located in Kathmandu, for the next three months (mid-June to mid-September).

According to the department, no government agency or private organisation will be allowed to dig roads under its jurisdiction during the three months of the monsoon.

In the notice, the department asked all government bodies not to dig up roads in the name of putting up drinking water pipes, managing sewage, and setting up electricity and telephone lines during the monsoon.

It is putting a band on road construction as the roads cannot be promptly repaired and restored to its original condition, leading to further deterioration of the road.

All development work will be carried out after September, the notice reads.

The department also says that it will take action against anyone who digs roads during this period.

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