NRB distributing new banknotes for Dashain today

File: New banknotes for Dashain
File: New banknotes for Dashain

Kathmandu, October 15

The Nepal Rastra Bank says it is distributing new banknotes for use during Dashain as dakshina from Monday.

The Nepal Rastra Bank says the exchange service has been launched throughout the country from today.

The public can exchange the new notes from the NRB central office in Baluwatar and its provincial offices. Major commercial and development banks, as well as finance companies, will also distribute the notes.

One person will be allowed to exchange the notes worth Rs 18,500. A bundle of banknotes has 100 units, one bundle each of five-rupee, 10-rupee, 20-rupee, 50-rupee and 100-rupee notes makes Rs 18,500.

It has been decades since Nepal’s central bank has been letting common people exchange their old banknotes for new ones ahead of Dashain, the biggest festival for Nepalis.

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