NEPSE: All stock market indices fell, NEPSE fell in 2006


Kathmandu, April 15

On Monday, all the indicators of the stock market fell. The NEPSE index has decreased by 16.82 points compared to the previous day. After the reduction of that number, NEPSE has fallen to 2006 points. A total of Rs 2.79 billion was traded. The previous day, over Rs 3 billion was traded.

Except for NEPSE, all the sectoral indicators have decreased. Groups like finance, hotel, manufacturing and other groups fell more than one per cent. Then, Banking decreased by 8 points, Development Bank by 22, Finance by 33, Hotel and Tourism by 58, Hydropower by 24, Life Insurance by 34, Manufacturing by 107, Microfinance by 20, Non-Life Insurance by 51, Others by 23 and Business Group by 10 points.

A total of 52 companies increased in value, 184 decreased while 8 remained stable. The price of Menchiam Hydropower increased by 7 per cent, Midsolu Hydropower by 5.9 per cent, Sirjanshil Laghubitta by 4.6 per cent, and Manushi Microfinance by 4.4%.

The price of Gurans microfinance and Dolti Power decreased by 10 per cent. The price of Khanikhola Hydropower decreased by 7.1 per cent, Mandu Hydropower by 6 per cent, Singti Hydro by 5.9 per cent, and Bottlers Nepal Balaju by 5.8 per cent. Ngadi Group, CYC Microfinance, Sanima My Hydropower, Suryajyoti Life Insurance and Himalayan Reinsurance were ahead in terms of turnover.

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