Nepal tightens border movement following Covid-19 rise in India

File: People are stranded at a Nepal-India border point as both countries imposed a lockdown to control the coronavirus outbreak, in May 2020.

Kathmandu, March 23

Following reports of a significant increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in India recently, the government of Nepal also tightened the cross-border movement.

Nepal has begun checking each individual entering the country for any symptoms of Covid-19 and keeping them in quarantine if they show any symptoms, according to the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division under the Ministry of Health.

Around 3,300 people Nepal from India via various border points on Monday alone and all have been checked for fever and other symptoms, the department informs.

The division has requested concerned local governments to identify hotspots and adopt safety measures accordingly.

Meanwhile, the ministry has also urged the public to maintain needful precaution by putting on masks and avoiding crowds.

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