Nepal self-sufficient in flowers this Tihar

File: A man arranges globe amaranth flower garlands for the Tihar festival.

Kathmandu, November 6

Arguably the second largest festival of the country, Tihar, is the time when the demand for flowers and flower garlands reaches its peak every year. Consequently, the country has been importing flowers worth thousands of rupees from India for this festival.

However, the story is different this time. Floriculture entrepreneurs claim they do not need to import any flower from India for the five-day festival being celebrated later this month.

Nepal Floriculture Association has cited two factors for Nepal’s self-sufficiency in flowers this time. The association’s president Kumar Kasaju says the amount of flowers produced in Nepal has significantly increased. Secondly, the Covid-19 crisis is likely to restrict celebrations.

The association says its members will sell around 1.5 million flower garlands for the festival this month. Last year, the sale had reached 2.5 million. of them, around 300,000 flower garlands were imported from India.

Besides Tihar, Nepal imports a significant amount of flowers on Shivaratri and Valentine’s Day also.

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